Sl.No. BRANCH Name of the Faculty Designation Qualifications and Specialization Date of joining Photo graph
1 MECHANICAL ENGG Mrs Chandrika Vishwakarma Principal Incharge,HOD, Mech Engg M. Tech. (ID) 02/11/22
2 CIVIL Engg Dr. Shobha Maliwal HOD, Civil Engg M.Tech. , PhD) 16/06/16
3 CIVIL Engg Mr. Shardacharan Gupta Lecturer, Civil Engg BE 05/10/2016
4 CIVIL Engg Mrs. Swati Lecturer, Civil Engg BE 09/01/2023
5 COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGG Mrs. Anuradha Sharma Lecturer, CSE M. Tech.) 01/10/2016
6 COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGG. Mr. Umesh Kumar Verma Lecturer, CSE M. Tech. 01/10/2016
7 COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGG. Mrs. Manisha. Lecturer, CSE BE 07/10/2016
8 MECHANICAL ENGG Mr. Salik Dhimar Lecturer, Mech Engg, BE 20/10/2022
9 MECHANICAL ENGG Mr. Hemant Kumar Mahobiya Lecturer, Mech Engg, M. Tech. 03/10/2016
10 MECHANICAL ENGG Mr. Ritesh Kumar Dubey Lecturer, Mech Engg, BE 05/10/2016
11 ELECTRICAL ENGG Mr. Vaibhav Verma Lecturer, Electrical Engg BE 05/07/2021
12 ELECTRICAL ENGG Mr. Neelkamal Sahu Lecturer, Electrical Engg BE 09/09/2019
13 SCIENCE AND HUMANITY Dr. Laxmikant Karal Lecturer, English M.A., PhD 30/12/2016
14 SCIENCE AND HUMANITY Dr. Veenu Chandrakar Lecturer, Chemistry MSc., PhD 13/01/2017
15 SCIENCE AND HUMANITY Dr. Nandita Gupta Lecturer, Maths MSc., PhD 19/12/2022
16 MECHANICAL ENGG Mr. Anand Kumar Sahu AWS Mechanical Engg M. Tech. 30/03/2017

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